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Fixed wireless is a broadband service that uses radio signals instead of cables to reach the customers location. Internet is delivered to antennas based on towers or buildings using copper or fiber and is then transmitted to their final destination over a private channel. Rather than spreading the radio signal over a wide area, the signal is sent over a focused beam to a receiving antenna at the customers premise. The result is a secure connection with very little interference.

Because fixed wireless broadband is land-based, and because of the frequency that is being used, rain has only a negligible effect on the wireless signal.

Selin Faiba is available in select areas, but growing every day. To see if service is available in your area, call one of our representatives at 0700700117, 0732208870 or click below to send us a message or follow the link below. Email: info@selinsolutions.co.ke

Contact us through 0700700117 or 0722393830 or info@selinsolutions.co.ke

Our service is very stable and reliable too. We have a dedicated service and we are a value-add service provider.

Selin, as compared to other Internet Services Providers (ISPs), is the best value-added service provider.

We have a 24 hours help desk featuring well-skilled Technicians and service engineers

All our services are dedicated.

Power cycling the equipment on the roof is the primary troubleshooting step. This can be done by locating the roof equipment’s Power Supply Adapter, unplugging the cable running to the roof equipment and plugging it back in.

Power cycling your router is a good start. Make sure your router stays disconnected from its power supply for at least 30 seconds before plugging it back in. Your WiFi is also prone to interference from neighboring wireless devices. Most interference issues can be alleviated by moving your WiFi’s signal to another channel. If you believe that your WiFi may be suffering from interference, you can plug a device directly into the back of the router (Ethernet) and test the ethernet performance against your WiFi performance.

If the internet is working on other devices, this means that your Selin’s internet connection is active. In most cases, if a device is not working when others are, there is an issue with the device connecting to your wireless router.

Tenda Roters and TP-Link Routers.

Yes and No. Selin connections require your new router to be configured with a PPPoE connection type that uses a Username and Password to validate your internet connection. It is best to contact your us to determine whether or not your connection requires this username and password.

Modern day routers are equipped with “Dual Bands”. This means that the router has the capability of broadcasting 2 separate WiFi connections; 2.4GHz and 5GHz.

2.4 GHz is a longer radio wave that has the ability to penetrate objects better and cover more distance effectively.

5GHz is a shorter radio wave that has the ability to transmit more speed. However, because of its smaller radio wave, it has a difficult time penetrating objects and broadcasting long distances.

Holding down the reset button on your router causes all of Selin’s connection settings in the router to disappear as well as your WiFi Name and Password. Selin’s Technician can walk you through re-configuring your router over the phone or you may bring your router into the office to have a team member re-configure it for you.


A modem is a digital translator that helps your router understand your internet connection. Your Selin internet connection already speaks the same digital language as a typical router. Most Internet Service Providers still use Gpon or HFC Modem/Router combos that are not compatible with an Selin’s internet connection. If you are unsure that your routing device is compatible, a Selin team member can provide you with answers.

Selin has a team of IT experts that can give you suggestions over the phone or come to your home for a small fee to build you a custom WiFi bid to suit your needs.

The service is Strictly prepaid.

All our payments are done via Bank Cheques or through Mpesa Paybill . You will be assigned an Account Number.

Below is the procedure to LIPA NA MPESA:

  1. Go to M-PESA Menu
  2. Select Lipa na M-PESA
  3. Select PAYBILL
  4. Enter Business Number: 185109
  5. Enter Account Number: (Client’s  allocated account number)
  6. Enter amount i.e. 1500
  7. Enter PIN and confirm transaction.
  8. You will receive a transaction confirmation message from M-Pesa and from us via sms sender “Selin”
  9. The payment will be credited into your Account automatically.

We also accept Bank Cheque addressed to “selin solutions”

The installation will be set up within 48 hours after payment is received.

Yes. Charges will be calculated depending on so many factors. Technician will do a survey (free of charge) and will advise you on the charges. Some areas we do free installations.

In some circumstances, you may be required to pay for or buy some gadgets but the technician will advise once he/she comes for a survey.

For Support or General Enquiries please call/sms/whatsapp  0700700117, 0722393830, 0732208870, 0777700117 Email: info@selinsolutions.co.ke

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