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Key Features
  •  Works with Android/iOS phones 3.0 mega pixel CMOS
  •  Resolution1080P
  •   Video format ASF/AVI
  •  Sound recording range5m


Wall Clock with WiFi hidden camera

This Wall Clock with WiFi hidden camera is a actually a practical and beautiful clock that serves the purpose of keeping time in your home and at the same time watches every single move that happens in your home in the most discreet manner ever. Whether you are in the office or outside the country you can simply connect to it via an App on your phone and watch anytime of the day.

  • Supports iPhone/Android smartphone direct monitoring via internet
  • Supports 24-hour circulatory non-stop remote monitoring, with motion detection mode and all weather recording mode option.
  • Video compression format is H.264, with faster transfer rate, saving memory.
  • With easy and quick setting in remote monitoring.With Brand New Model 1080p WiFi Wall Clock Camera.
  • With Real Time Monitoring easy and quick setting in remote monitoring.

1. Compact design, easy to carry2. Made of high quality and durable material
3. For a safely meaning like business negotiation and contract signing
4. Can be used as normal clock
5. Supports Wi-Fi and remote control
6. Fit for home security, education, life, and other fields
7. Have a long standby time
8. Support video recording


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