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Password protection is a security process that only allows those with an authorized password to gain access to certain information. The following are some of the ways to ensure that your passwords are protected:

  1. Do not let your browser remember passwords for you! Most people find this option quite convenient, but its security is questionable as anyone using your device (smartphone, tablet or computer) can easily gain access to your online accounts. It is also vulnerable to hackers, who may gain access to your device.
  2. Use a password manager. Password managers are applications that auto-generate passwords, which helps in creating unique and strong passwords for all your accounts. Password managers are quite easy to use, as one does not have to memorize all the passwords. You only need to remember the master key needed for your password manager.
  3. Do not recycle passwords. Do not use the same password for all of your online accounts. This is because, when you use one password it makes it easier for hackers to obtain your details. If they can access one account, it is a matter of seconds before they have accessed another.
  4. Use your imagination. Come up with creative passwords that do not include easily discoverable information such as your date of birth, your phone number, your ID number, your place of residence e.t.c. You should also remember that your passwords should be memorable not guessable.
  5. Visit websites that are secure. As discussed in the previous blog, a secure website has the address https:// , meaning someone cannot be able to eavesdrop on the conversation between your browser and the website.



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