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What is computer networking?

First of all let me give you an easiest example of a network before telling you about the computer
network. When two or more people are connected (can talk any time,share information)
to each other makes a network.
Therefore computer network is,  when two or more computers are connected to each other makes
a computer network.
There are two types of computer networking medium (the way through they are connected)

1.Wired Network

In wired network every device in the network is connected through a wire. The device can be a computer ,printer or a server etc. They can be connected directly e.g computer to computer or computer to a switch or router. A wired network makes a LAN(Local Area Network).

An example of a small business network is where a server is connected to the internet (cloud) and all
computers and printers are connected to the router through wires. In small businesses, Ethernet cables are
used to connect computers for data transferring purpose.

2.Wireless Network

In wireless network, devices are connected to the network via radio frequency waves or signals to
communicate with connected devices or the internet.
In this example all devices are connected to a WiFi router or Access Point (AP). When devices are connected through a
WiFi router or AP, makes a WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network).
Now days, every phone has WiFi option to connect to the internet, same as Laptops and tablets etc.




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